Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. If chipped, stained, or crooked teeth are hiding the real you, it may be time for a smile makeover. In as little as one or two appointments, our dental team can offer you results that will last for years. From teeth whitening to dental implants, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures to transform your smile.

Teeth Whitening

You can have the confidence that comes from a bright, white smile. If you are happy with the alignment and spacing of your teeth, a teeth whitening procedure may be all that separates you from a dazzling smile. Whitening your teeth is safe, effective, and long lasting. We offer a take-home whitening program to help patients rejuvenate their smile! Your home whitening kit involves special trays that are a customize fit to your teeth and powerful, prescription-strength whitening gel, which is inserted into the tray before you wear it. Dr. Whitfield gives you detailed instructions about how long you should wear the tray each day; this is a safe and effective way to whiten your entire smile.


If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants can be your smile solution. Missing a tooth can cause pain, embarrassment and functional problems with your smile. You may notice that your surrounding teeth shift to compensate for the missing tooth and you may have difficulty chewing or speaking. In addition to the functional problems a missing tooth or teeth can cause, you may notice some aesthetic changes as well. When the surrounding teeth shift to fill the space of the missing tooth your face shape can change as well. Over time the problem only worsens.

Be proud of your full, natural looking smile once again!  A dental implant is one of the most permanent forms of restorative dentistry and can restore a single tooth or an entire set of teeth. Simply a replacement “tooth root”, dental implants involve the placement of a surgical grade titanium post by one of Dr. Rude’s trusted specialists. As the post bonds, it forms a sound foundation to attach your custom crown, bridge, or denture.

Feel confident knowing your dental implants are secured and permanent, providing you a smile solution you can count on. Make your smile beautiful and functional; call us today if you have questions about dental implants.


Porcelain Veneers

Imagine a whiter, more brilliant smile! Porcelain veneers are conservative cosmetic dentistry that makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of your teeth. If you have chipped teeth, crooked teeth, spaces between your teeth or dull or stained teeth, veneers may be the perfect solution for you. After minimal tooth preparation, Dr. Whitfield will skillfully bond and shape thin films of porcelain to your teeth, creating a straight, brilliant smile that enhances your appearance and your self-esteem. You are only a couple of appointments away from having the smile you have always wanted!

Porcelain Crowns

Your teeth undergo a tremendous amount of stress during your lifetime. Teeth may show this wear in a variety of ways, including discoloration, chipping and cracking. Crowns restore your teeth and smile to look brilliant once again. Porcelain crowns can be shaded to match your natural teeth. After some tooth preparation, crowns are specifically fitted to restore functionality and enhance the appearance of your smile. If you have pain when chewing or temperature sensitivity, ask Dr. Whitfield if crowns are for you.

Porcelain Bridges

Missing teeth can seriously impact the rest of your smile and your confidence.  You begin to chew differently, feel mouth pain and find additional gaps and spaces as your remaining teeth work to compensate for your smile’s loss.  Don’t settle for a smile that continues to deteriorate.  Solve the problem and regain your smile’s vibrancy with a porcelain bridge.  A porcelain bridge, custom designed by Dr. Whitfield, keeps your smile aligned and your bite functional. It flawlessly matches your existing teeth, showing the world no signs of a restoration at all.  Bridges are anchored to existing teeth or crowns on either side of the missing tooth. They provide a long-term restorative solution for your damaged smile.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In the past when a tooth was damaged by decay the only option was to restore the tooth with a silver amalgam filling. With advancements in dentistry, dental amalgam is not a treatment option in our office. Today we can place a tooth colored bonded restoration that will not only restore the tooth in an aesthetic way it will also strengthen the tooth and make it more resistant to fracture in the future.


Dental bonding is an extremely quick procedure that can be used to repair chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. It involves applying a composite resin to a tooth to alter its appearance. Before starting the bonding process, Dr. Whitfield will first select a shade of resin that closely resembles the shade of your teeth. He will then make the surface of your tooth slightly rough and apply a special liquid to help the material adhere to the tooth. After placing the resin on the tooth, Dr. Whitfield will smooth it into the desired shape, harden it with a high intensity light, and polish it to match surrounding teeth. The entire bonding process takes less than an hour per tooth. If more than one tooth is being repaired, several office visits may be necessary.

Restorative Services

Years of wear and tear, injury, or poor care can hurt the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Whitfield can change your life through restorative dentistry.


Dr. Whitfield and his team make use of the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques, ensuring you are satisfied with your visit.

New Patient Experience

Not only will this first assessment help us get to know you better, it will also allow the team to get a complete picture of your dental and overall health.